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Forum Rules

Welcome to Poneyvallee, we hope that you enjoy your time here. We have some forum rules that will help to keep the time here enjoyable for all players. These rules will be enforced my moderators (mods) and administrators (admins). On the English section your mods are:

Aleena-Lea (Central European Timezone)
shinsengumi (Central European Timezone)
mommypony (US Timezone – temporarily inactive)
nyghtmoon (US Timezone – temporarily inactive)
brokenstar9 (temporarily inactive)

If you do not understand a rule, have questions about the rules or are not sure if something breaks a rule, please contact a mod and ask. We are happy to help.

Treat the moderators and admins with respect. They work to keep the forums and Poneyvalle a friendly and safe place for all users. If you disagree with the decision of a moderator, you are welcome to PM them and discuss the issue politely.

Please remember that the rules are here for every ones benefit. Violation of the rules will result in disciplinary actions where appropriate. Generally we follow these steps when rules are broken:
1. Warning from a mod or admin
2. Second warning and/or a 48 hour ban
3. Minimum of a one week ban, severity of the rule broken will determine the time.
4. Permanent ban from the forums when appropriate

Mistakes can happen however, repeated rule breaking and/or breaking the same rule(s) is not a mistake and will not be tolerated. Repeated rule breaking will earn longer time bans. If rule violations continue, despite receiving multiple warnings and/or bans, a permanent ban will be imposed.

To report inappropriate content, spam or rules being broken on the forums please click the "Report" link found in each post.

General Rules

1. No Adult Material
Adult material or content such as pictures or names of a graphic or violent nature/of a sexual nature or profanity are not allowed. The staff has the final say on what is appropriate and what is not. 
    - no Posting of graphic images or content may result in an immediate and permanent ban
    - no linking of sites with adult content

2. Keep Topics Family Friendly
We have users of all ages on our forums and all topics and posts should be acceptable for anyone to read.  Please avoid topics that might be inappropriate.

3. No Forum Spamming/Flooding
Please do not flood the forums, post spam on the forums or send spam to other players' privately. The following are considered flooding or spam.
- Multiple threads on the same topic
- Posting twice in the same thread with no other user posting in between (use the “Edit”-option if you want to add/ correct something in the post you already made). Second post after 24hours is ok.
- Excessive smilies/punctuation marks. You should never need more then three in a row.
- Writing in capitals. Please don’t “shout” in the forum. If you want to emphasize on something, make your words bold.
- Posts asking/begging for donations of fee’z
- Spam games which include copy paste, quote the above person or that encourage posts to simply add to post count

4. Posting from Multiple accounts is forbidden.
Users are permitted to post on the forums from only one[ account. Send a PM to a mod if there are two or more players in your household including your connection (siblings or what ever). If you don´t do so, you risk a ban to all accounts with your IP if you don´t explain the situation to a mod within a week via PM.

5. Treat others with respect.
This should go without saying, treat others as you would wish to be treated. Threats, harassment and bullying are not tolerated anywhere on the forum, in-game profiles or in private messages. Telling other users how to play the game is considered harassment.

Members will not agree or get along all the time, but we do expect disagreements to take place in a respectful manner. Personal disputes will not be allowed on the forums, please try to resolve it in PM respectfully. If you need help, you can ask a moderator via the PM system.

6. Keeping Complaints Constructive
Complaints which do not meet the following criteria, will be removed
a. The complaint, first and foremost, must be reasonable and not overly done.
b. The complaint must be constructive.
c. The complaint addresses the community as a whole.
d. The complaint is about something FEERIK can change and takes into account the time and effort for change to happen.
e. The complaint is respectful.

Overall, if a complaint follows the above criteria, we will praise the complaint and do our best to see that it is satisfied if at all possible.

7. Post in the correct forums and keep posts relevant to the topic
Before posting please read the forum descriptions and stickied rules specific to each section to make sure you are posting in the right place. Threads which are posted in the wrong forum will be moved and continuing to post in the wrong forums despite having several threads moved will result in a ban.

Please read the topic and stick to that. Don´t hijack (writing about something completely different than the subject) other peoples threads, this will be deleted and you might get a warning or ban.

8. No linking to other sites than Ponyvalle or Feerik.
Providing links to websites that are not related to Poneyvallee or Feerik are not allowed.
We will allow one exception to this rule. Links to informational websites (such as wikipedia) are allowed if it is a response to a user's thread requesting help or information so long as the content is appropriate for users of all ages.
This includes writing about other games (all games from feerik are allowed).

9. Mini-modding
Mini-modding is not welcome on our forums or in PM. We do not tolerate players bullying or harassing others over rule breaking. If you see rule breaking (on the forum, via PM or elsewhere), report it or contact a mod. Please refer to Rule # 11 for Reporting Other Players.

10. Banned Accounts
If you've been banned, don´t use an alternate account or one belonging to a friend to get around any bans!

11. Reporting Other Players
If you see rules being broken on the forums, on the site or in PMs, please report Private messaging on the forum (PM) a moderator or by using the Report button. Include a detailed description of the problem in the report.

Please do not abuse the Report button. Using the Report button to report threads or posts which do not break any rules or as a means to harass another player will result in a ban.

Topic Posting Rules

Forum Specific Rules
Many individual sections of the forum have rules that are specific to them, so please read theme because they are enforced the same as general forum rules.

Please use clear, proper grammar to the best of your abilities. Please don´t use chatspeak (I8r, r u (are you) y (why)) because not everyone is a native English speaker and may use an online translator to be able to communicate. Online translators do not recognize chat speak so the end result is gibberish.

Threat Titles.
Use appropriate and specific titles for your threads. For example don't title your thread "Help!" – better would be: "Can't figure out how to buy pegasus" or "Confused about the contest". People will respond better when they know what you need help with.

Before Posting
Before posting a new thread, read the stickied and the most recent threads in a forum to see if your question was already posted and answered. Use the search button at the top of the forum.

No Drama
Leave the drama at the door. Posts like “I'm leaving because no one likes me!" or "Should I leave?"-posts are considered drama.

Mod Shopping
Sending PMs to multiple Mods for the same issue is considered mod shopping. We are not a grocery store you do not get to hunt for a desired response. With urgent matters (inappropriate content and trolling) it is ok to contact more then one mod. All others are considered non-urgent and you should either use the Report button or PM one of the Mods.

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