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How to make suggestions and give feedback - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

How to Make Suggestions and Give Feedback

1. Read through the already posted suggestions to make sure yours has not already been suggested.  Suggestions with multiple topics will be closed.

2. Title your thread appropriately stating what the suggestion is.  (ie. I would like to have angel tattoo traits more like the old version) Titles of "Suggestion" may be edited by the mods so that your fellow players can easily see what you are actually suggesting

3. Each suggestion MUST have it's own thread.  Lumping several suggestions into one thread means it is less likely to get notice from other players.  People in general like simple, easy to follow threads where they are only commenting on ONE item.

4. Keep it respectful!!!!  Keep feedback constructive!!  These are must follow rules.   

5. Any feedback which does not follow our forum rules will either be locked or deleted depending on content.

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