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I'm felidaes, sometimes known as Digi (on other sites). I'm 23, female, and a freelance writer.
My website: plieades.blogspot.com

Feel free to send breed requests to any of my males, I will always accept them.
Breed Plans: Currently, I'm trying to breed ITs.
Interesting Fact: So far, I've had 3 sets of twins born to my account. ^_^

Unless it's a quest or something, I refuse to breed my water and fire females or get
any more water or fire ponies. I don't like them.

Favorite Pony Types: Celestial, Love, Earth, and Air.
Favorite TV shows: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Favorite Super Hero: X-Men, period
Favorite Villian: Mystique
Best Pony: Princess Luna

Other Online Personas:
Gaiaonline: Sorceress Digi
Neopets: digi_freak18
DeviantArt: FelidaeSilvestris
Fanfiction.net: Felidae Silvestris

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