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Frienship Park Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

Friendship Park is for players to promote their herd for breeding or marriage as well as to find a potential partner for their own ponies.


1. Players may have ONE active thread at a time. 

2. Posts may only be "bumped" if they have fallen off the first page, major updates have been made OR it has been more than 2 days since the last post.

3. Posts that have not been used for a period of two weeks may be locked by the mods to prevent grave digging of dead topics.  If it has been less than a month and you would like your thread re-opened just PM one of the mods.  Posts that have been unused for more than a month will not be unlocked.

4. No rude or offensive language.

5. No rude or offensive images.

6. No outside links.

7. Images should be kept SMALL and should ONLY be related to poneyvallee.

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