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fiche Eleveur
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How to know people

hi i am new looking for friends and how to play the game add me if u want Catitiz_PDT_12 Catitiz_PDT_19 Catitiz_PDT_22 Catitiz_PDT_27

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fiche Eleveur
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Re: How to know people

Hello and welcome to the game, blanca. :)
You posted in the wrong area. The Discussion-Board is for discussions about the game only. For getting to know people, please post in the "Around the Campfire"-Section.

Most importantly, read the Forum Rules. :)

If you have questions regarding the game, the FAQ-Section will help you. Not yet answered questions shall be posted there as well so we'll find them quickly. :)

"Dimmi, mente amantissima mia..." ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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