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fiche Eleveur
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Exclusive Vintage pony: Halloween Witch

Every week, a vintage pony is back with us. On that occasion a former set is relaunched and we add an element to it. What's more, during that week, there is a -20% special offer on the set plus each time you send an element of the set (or the whole set) as a gift to another player you win that element for yourself.

Another witch we hadn't seen for a long time took advantage of the feasts for the season of spirits to come back. It's the return of the Halloween Witch.

That witch has the title of Counselor of the Pumpkin Princess and she has been serving her for many years.

The witch follows the Princess wherever she goes. She advises her wisely and protects her thanks to her magic powers.
Go in fear of her power but respect her wisdom.


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fiche Eleveur
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Re: Exclusive Vintage pony: Halloween Witch

Gah! I have to change the ponies that were wearing these hooves now! I wish the had left the simplicity of it be. I love the rest of it though, the hooves are just too clunky now (and the colors don't go with the ponies they are on).

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